September 17, 2011

Eeek! More bottles!!

In my defense - these were in a container in the garage!   I was rooting around looking for some supplies for a project that I was going to do last year, but didn't. Then I found these instead. 

1. I found at Halloween City (I think).

2. Was an old bottle I found while out Geocaching and I added the label that I got from last year's card exchange.

3.  The selection of store-bught bottles.  I had these in the bathroom.

4.  2 packages of Halloween sprinkles.  These were at WalMart on clearance for like $.50.  I really liked the test-tubes.

oh - and I only found 1 of the 2 items I was looking for.   But all of my H'ween totes have been moved to the front of the garage for easy access!

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