September 16, 2011

Secret Reaper

Last year was the first time I'd done a Secret Reaper on the H'ween Forum.  It's a lot of fun but can be difficult to decide on a gift for a total stranger!  The plus side?  A different total stranger sends you one!

I just sent the package off to my "reapee" this afternoon.  I really hope she likes it!!!

I took one of those Christmas kissing balls from Michael's and spray painted it black (duh, obviously!)  The red velvet ribbon got replaced.  Also from the Christmas section, I found lime green & purple glitter stick thingys.  The skeletons & small ornaments also came from Michael's.

Damn it, she better like it!!  The burn I got Saturday night on the end of my finger still isn't healed!!!  I really feared gangrene today.  OK, I may be exaggerating, but it started out OK at work, but then it got really hot & sore.  My entire finger was hot.  Even now it is noticeably warmer than my other fingers.  It's been tough typing all week at work, since I've been keeping it covered with Neosporin & a bandaid (which causes me to multiple keys on the keyboard instead of the one I want!)  Can burns get infected??

It sure looks better than it feels!

I was chatting with Ghoul Friday today about making candles from PVC pipes & I'm wondering if I dare......more hot glue is required!!!!

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