Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bottle Inventory

OMG.  I have too many.  I really want to make a witch's kitchen, but I think I need to A). find an appropriate shelving unit / bakers rack / something to put these on and B). weed some of them out. 

All of the candle holders / candelabra have gotten Skeeter's approval. 

The half-gallon sized bottles.

The bottom of the amber on has a bunch of Spanish writing, 
No idea what it says.  
Looks like an address & phone #. 
More jugs.  The pitcher is actually ceramic!  I love the wood look. 

1. is filled with some thick goo.  It looks cool / revolting.
6. I found at a salvage yard.  It's got a faint iridescent sheen to it. 

#1. is a wine bottle.  (btw - it was gross.  Had to dump it out.)
#2 says "McCormick & CO. Baltimore Md" in script.  
From what I've found online - this is probably from around 1900. Oh yeah - McCormick spices. 
4. Around the shoulder of the bottle says "This contains Mrs. Stewart's Bluing", which according to their website was put on the first of the non-human blown glass bottles in 1907. 

Various food jars.
1. Pineapple Salsa
2. Alfredo sauce
3. Bacon bits
4. Homemade applesauce

These are the ones I'm not quite sure about.  They're pretty colorful.  
However, I'm 99.9% sure that #1. is a Skyy vodka bottle. That blue is just awesome. 

I'm thinking that white container needs something painted on it. 

The middle vase needs some black flowers.

The metal stuff. 
I bet that Peter & Elise who got married 4/23/77 would be thrilled that their wedding glasses (#3) 
are being used in a Halloween display!  
I didn't realize they were engraved until I went to take this pic!

2. is a leather covered flask!!  There is a picture of a bunch of grapes on the other side. 
3. shouldn't really be on this post - it's a finial or something that will going to grace the top of a tombstone eventually.

I found Mrs. Bones (from Partylite) at the Romeo Peach Festival this weekend.  You'll be seeing more of her when Mr. Bones comes out to visit.  And I'll be sure to dust before then!


  1. Love those candles stick holders! I purchased a few things over the years like that from thrift stores and painted them flat black. I also used my glue gun to make web like features on them. Nice touch! As for the food jars. I collect them too. If you have a Dollar Tree by you, they have brains, hands, skulls, etc.. that grow when you place in water. You can use those. So many uses for those types of jars. :)

  2. That white container looks like an urn!!! You could paint a name on the side of it, or if you really want to use it for your witch kitchen, you could label it as 'Vampire Ashes' =)

  3. Countess, that's a great idea! It does look like an urn! Thanks!!!


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