Monday, September 12, 2011

NHR project

Not-Halloween-Related (much, anyway!) project.

I found these awesome frames at a salvage / antique store over the summer.  I love them because of the curved glass.  The oval frame itself is really damaged, so I am going to cheat & go to Michael's to get one the same size & shape custom made.  The other one has a few very minor chips in the plaster frame.  I'm not thrilled with the color, so it will be repainted.

Anyway...I'm not sure what I'm going to put in the one on the right (non-oval), but the idea is to get a shot of Miss Angela blown up to fit the oval.

I had her dress up in the blouse I found for Jane (the prop formerly known as Marilyn) and one of my black skirts with lots of safety pins.  Now came the problem.  Miss Angela loves the camera and had a very hard time looking serious.

 A snort happened soon after I took this one.

I did finally get a couple good ones.   The second one to follow is my absolute favorite.  I think I'm going to have it done in a sepia tone to make it look old.



 A. in sepia

 B. in black & white

B. in sepia.

I'm just happy that the different tones covers up the neon pink & orange tank top she had on, the bright pink nail polish & the writing on the back of her hand.

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