December 31, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

We just home yesterday from spending Christmas in Arkansas at the MIL's house.  It was nice - all the deets are here and here, so this will be the Cliffnotes version.  

Here is my impersonation of a tree, Monday afternoon.  Please note sunshine & t-shirt. It was like 65 degrees.  Perfect!
Here is the same courtyard Wednesday morning after we were visited by Winter Storm Euclid.  Mom had over 6 inches of snow on her deck!

Anyhoooo - I introduced Miss Angela to the joys of taking the waters at one of the Bath Houses (she loved it!) and as we were walking down Central Ave in Hot Springs, I saw this......

And of course is was our last day in Arkansas, so I will remember this for next time we go!

We did make it to Josephine Tassaud's Wax Museum.  I've never been to a wax museum before, but I hope the real Madam Tassaud's is better than this one!  I'm glad they had names by the dummies, since some I would not have figured out on my own!  Others were pretty obvious - the Pope, Liz Taylor, Elvis and even Al Capone.  But the rest?  Not so much.  I'm just showing the Chamber of Horrors here.
 I thought Alfred Hitchcock was a fat Vincent Price. 

Christmas was nice.  I got a Kindle Fire HD and a sewing machine.  And I got a shawl and that is the greatest item of clothing ever!!  I love it.

Don't be hatin', but I also got a RuPaul doll!

Every time we stopped on the way to and from Hot Springs, we stopped at Love's Truck Stops.  Of course!    Angel managed to get a teddy bear keychain from every state between MI & AR.  At our last stop in Indiana, I found this.....

How stinkin' cute!  It's the same size & general shape as the teddy bears, but it was the only skeleton I saw. And of course it's MINE!  I will take that Indiana crest off.

Love's also carried these guys.....I managed to control myself and pass.  They were $9 each for the little ones.  I would have spent a fortune!

But anyway, it's good to be home.  The cats went crazy to see us and I thought Jack was going to pee on the floor when I got him from the Pet Hotel.  The plan for NYE is staying home with a bottle of non-alcoholic wine watching the New Year's Rockin' Eve on TV.  We're such party animals.  We let Angel sit up last year, but she got bored and went to bed around 11.  I'm glad we're home to watch the Rose Parade tomorrow!  I'm sad there won't be a Winter Classic hockey game to watch, tho.  The Wings were scheduled to play in it again.

So I hope everyone has a safe & happy new Years and a wonderfully spectacular 2013!

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