December 04, 2012

Creepmas Day 4 - bad gifts, part 3

My husband is a self-proclaimed geek.  He's a crazy smart computer programmer, ham radio operator, 40-something year old pure geek.  Here is his input on what NOT to give him.

10. Ugly sweaters
Apartment Hunting Hell Ugly Sweater--Ladies Large/Mens M - Click Image to Close
buy here  (yes!  you really can buy this)

9. elephant thong.  Seeing as hubby is on the chubby side and even though I love him dearly - I don't want to EVER see him in a thong!

Men's Elephant Thong
buy here

8. Any info from the Scooter Store (he's got info from them before)

buy here

7. Offers to join AARP.  remember he's in his 40s.  He's got info from them before, too!

info here

6. toilet bowl brush - this is random.
buy here - if you really need to!

5. Justin Bieber Christmas DVD
Under The Mistletoe (Deluxe Edition) (CD/DVD)
buy here

4. One Direction fan club membership
The Boys
sign up here

3. Spanx for men

buy here

2.  Celeb-4-a-day , because I mean, who doesn't want paparazzi & such following them around?

buy here

1. Ball-room Jeans - "Hidden Crouch Gusset lets you crouch without the ouch"
Men's Flex Ballroom Jeans
buy here


  1. Spanx for men!!! OH MY LORD!! cant stop laughing

  2. I like how there are panels in them to give the appearance of a 6 pack!


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