Friday, December 7, 2012

Creepmas Day 7 - Calvin & Hobbes 2

I can't get enough!!  I love this kid!

Dad - I don't think you have enough to do

Dad - Home Sweet Home

Calvin - What's wrong with your snowman? Susie - It's a snow woman. Mum - I don't care we're not having an anatomically correct snowman in the front yard.

Dad - Eggplant casserole tonight? Mum - Why yes!

Dad - Where are my glasses? I thought they were right here ... I put them down, I went to get my book ... I told Calvin to shovel the walk .. where could they be?

Hobbes - Why does he have a hot water bottle on his head? Calvin - He's committing suicide.

Dad - I don't think the school assign enough homework.

Mom - On the other hand, the neighbours keep planting nice big trees next to us.

Calvin - Mom and Dad don't value hard work and originality as much as they say they do.

Dad - Calvin! I'm late for work!

Mum - Calvin! Snow dog urinating on a fire hydrant

Calvin - First she says go out, now she says come in.

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