December 03, 2012

Creepmas Day 3 - bad gifts, part 2

My daughter is 15.  She's a girly girl who spends her days dancing and listening to such ~ahem~ music as One Direction and Justin Bieber while straightening / curling her hair or doing her nails.

Here is a selection of items she would NOT want to receive.

Slipper Genie - because Princesses don't think they need to work!!
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Trash cans.  just a random suggestion by her.
 Behrens® 30Gal Garbage Can with Side Drop Handles (1270) - 6 Pack - Ace Hardware
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Anything Clown Related.  I think it's safe to say this is one movie she will NEVER watch / book she will read!

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Vacuum cleaner - or anything else that implies work and / or effort
T-Series™ WindTunnel® Bagged Upright
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Giant Microbes.  that's right.  I'm going to gift a big bunch of cute & fuzzy diseases to you, sweetie!
You seriously have to check out the 'buy here' link.  I cannot believe there is a market for stuffed toys in the shape of bedbugs, mange, chlamydia and everyone's favorite - the Black Death.
GM Group
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a lovely pin in the shape of a flea
Flea Brooch, Insect Jewelry from Luna Parc
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Ugly sweaters!  And it is a turtleneck - win / win for the not-gonna-wearability!
A Third World Country Record Ugly Christmas Sweater-Ladies M/L - Click Image to Close
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Elf on the Shelf - this damn thing creeps me out!   Luckily this probably doesn't work for teenagers.

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nuff' said!

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