December 10, 2012

Creepmas Day 10 - ornaments part 2 (the good ones!)

Now these are ornaments more fitting for the Creepmas - time of year!   That link will take you to the site, for more shopping joy. 

Vintage Halloween Witch Stirring Magic Cauldron Christmas Tree Ornament

Halloween Pumpkin Christmas Tree Ornament
Krampus Ornament
Halloween Witch Full Moon Christmas Tree Ornaments

Zombie Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ying Yang Bat Christmas Ornaments

Van Gogh Skull With Burning Cigarette Ornament

Halloween Haunted House Christmas Ornament

Halloween Christmas Ornament

Vintage Halloween Spooky Cemetery Night Blue Moon Ornaments


Halloween DOTD Comedy-Tragedy Skulls Christmas Tree Ornaments

Scary Pumpkin Ornament

Looking At You Ornaments


  1. These are neat. I think I might try making some similar ones of my own for my tree.

  2. There were a lot more on that link I provided. Lots of inspiration. They'd probably be easy to make, too! Good luck!


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