December 20, 2012

Happy Winter Solstice Eve!

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year!  I for one am glad the days will be getting somewhat longer, since I was looking for my Christmas lights to go on this afternoon, then realized it was only around 4:15.

And if the crazies are to be believed, the world is also supposed to end tomorrow.  If you look at a website called, (probably even more crazies) there's already been 242 times that the world was supposed to end.  So odds are in our favor!

Then there is the hoopla following last Friday's tragedy in Connecticut, bless all their sweet little souls!  There were several school districts across SE Michigan that cancelled school today and tomorrow due to "disruptive, unsubstantiated rumors" of violence against students.  Sounds to me like someone wanted a longer winter break!

Anyhooooodles, I don't like to get involved in subjects such as that, since some people and their arguments just make me want to slap them upside the head.  

Moving right along!

Check out what my husband's best friend gave us for Christmas!  I am a big Jeff Dunham fan and I absolutely love Achmed!  They thought I'd use it for Halloween.  Pppft.  He looks happy there with Santa!

There's a little button on the base.  When you press it, he says stuff like "Silence!  I keel you!" and "It's just a flesh wound"  Hysterical!

So now that Creepmas is over for the year, my posts here will be slowing down for a while.  I still find myself looking for potential prop ideas while out shopping, but I try to squash those thoughts.  Unless they're really, really cool ideas / items - then I'll cave.

I'll go around tomorrow (after my house is clean ) and get pictures of the jolly Maple Grove Manor.  Saturday we're on our way to Arkansas until the New Year, and I already have a couple cemeteries in mind that I want to explore.  We're going to visit the hubby's Mom and of course I will happily ditch them all to "take the waters" at the Buckstaff Bathhouse!

So in case I'm not back here before....Merry Christmas and a safe & Happy New Year!


  1. Merry Christmas Lisa!!! Have a great New Year too!

  2. And you do the same! Stay safe!


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