December 06, 2012

Creepmas Day 6 - Calvin & Hobbes

Because, who is more awesome than Calvin & Hobbes?

Dad - I think we better get that kid to a psychiatrist - snowman car accident

Dad - You can always tell when you get to our house - two headed snowman

Calvin - You don't like my snowman house of horror do you?

Calvin - While I'm doing this brain surgery, you can make a donor and do a heart transplant! Susie - Forget it Calvin I'm not playing with you anymore.

Calvin and Hobbes attempt to build a huge tiger snowman

Dad - That's enough TV! Go play outside. Calvin - I don't want to go outside. Hmph!

Dad - You have to admit it's slowed down the traffic on our road

If you do a job badly enough, sometimes you won't get asked to do it again.

Dad - No one else at the office talks about this kind of thing.

Calvin - It's a new year .. A new beginning! Hobbes - Very inspiring!

Susie - It's no surprise to me that nobody's sold a house on this street for six years.

Dad - He knows I hate this.

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