Monday, August 6, 2012

I got sucked in.....

I am totally on the Yankee Candle Boney Bunch Bandwagon.  I missed out on the premier this weekend, but apparently that wasn't such a big deal anyway.  I don't require getting the entire collection,  But I do get a couple pieces each year.  The store had everything, I think.  I really wanted the hearse....
 so when I saw someone on FaceBook posted the $20 off $45 purchase coupon, I went online (I was too impatient to wait until after work!!) and ordered it & this guy, too. 

These guys were sold out online really fast, but they had plenty in the store.....
the dog was the other item that I really wanted.  And of course, I had to get the cat, too.   And some yummy tealights. 
                        The apple pumpkin smells amazing!                

Surprisingly, even tho I had Miss Angela with me, we were right in and out of the mall with only the stop in YC.  If she would have had a friend with her, we would be there until closing (yawn!)

We stopped at the Dollar Tree since we were right there, too.  I haven't been in the actual DT in forever and since there are entire threads on the H'ween Forum dedicated just to the Tree.....I had to stop. 

I got 2 of the skeleton garlands - I have plans for them!  Then a bouquet of black spider roses and the sitting rat to join the others in freaking out Miss Angel in our hall bathroom.  Muahahaha!
I LOVE the little stone on the left - it totally cracks me up!! 
It will totally go on my desk at work.

So in the next couple days I'm going to be posting about a couple little cemeteries I visited this past weekend while up north.  I don't know what was so special about the "Grout Cemetery".  I just really felt the need to go to it. Have you ever felt like that?


  1. Sooo cute!!!! I have to head over to the dollar store and see whats there now. I am meeting a girl friend for lunch tomorrow to plan out a trip to SALEM in October. I am super excited. Witches, ghouls and goblins!!! : )

  2. Oooh, I'm jealous - Salem in October! How awesome!

  3. What a great weekend....I was attempting to make it in to YC but I never made it. I really like that black candle jar with the white Jack O'Lantern grin on it. And I wanted to smell the 'dark' scents of the season which are my favs. Plus I saw that they now offer my favorite scent 'Mid Summer's Nigh' in oil for my burner. I will have to make sure to stop by there today if I get out. Love the hearse too! Have a great week ahead! :o)


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