August 27, 2012

One year + one day

I totally missed my one year Blog-iversary yesterday!!

I knew when it was, but we were recovering after a busy weekend and I just didn't feel up to using the brain power required to post.   Saturday afternoon / night we were at my cousin's 30 year vow renewal ceremony (a re-wedding?) and happily danced like a crazy person for 4+ hours and then got up to go to the Renaissance Festival Sunday.  There were 3 extremely tired peeps in the Love Shaque and we all slept in today!!  Did I mention we're on vacation this week?  Yup!  Too bad we're not going on anywhere - having a cat who requires medication 3x a day put the kabosh on any plans of that sort.

I should have gotten more pics of people, or their costumes rather. I didn't even have my camera with me - these are all off my phone. 

 Oh no!  The mark of the TP beast!

The green knight was the guy we had to cheer for - and he won!

 He's the weeee-ner!

 The roving tree monster.

 Someone's dog freaked out at the living bush!  
They had to pick up their full grown husky and carry her up to it.

 Randy and his little friend sitting on his shoulder. 

 Angel had to get her face painted. 

The Ded Bob Sho!

I think I'm going to break down and get a sewing machine and actually learn how to use it so I can make Randy a kilt and me a dress to match. I have a dress that is somewhat Renaissance-y but my feet hurt so bad from dancing barefoot on the tile American Legion floor that I had to wear my cooshy walking shoes.  They wouldn't have looked right.  So I stuck with shorts & t-shirt. :/

Someone mentioned going to a store called Kirkland's on the HF, so I checked their website and there is a store not far from my work, so I stopped in Friday evening.  Most of their H'ween stuff was nice, but pricey.  However, I did grab up this devil sock monkey - love him!!

So that's all that's going on around here.  Today I went and got pics of 5 little cemeteries north of here, but I'm saving them to post during the Countdown to Halloween!  That gives me time to do some research, too.  There was a stone here & there that really piqued my interest & curiosity.


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  1. It's the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, MI.

    last year I wore my lace up riding boots, which come to right above my ankle. I found a pattern on that I hope isn't terribly difficult to make. I really like the ancient dress.


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