August 18, 2012

Checking In.....

I swear I haven't dropped off the face of the earth or anything!  I managed to go all of last winter without getting sick and it finally caught up to me last weekend.  We'd been sleeping with the windows open, so Sunday morning I commented that my throat hurt some, but then promptly forgot about it.  That night, while watching the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, I was, to put it quaintly, "sweating like a pig" while Miss Angela was across the room, wrapped in a blanket.  By bedtime, I was a walking NyQuil commercial.  I have to confess it's been a long time since I took a legit sick day from work, but I needed it! 

Anyway, I'm back to about 95% health.  I was able to get out mow some of the lawn, before I got smart and sent the able-bodied teenager out to finish it. 

Not much prop building has been going on.  I still need to make the fence - and the weather is currently perfect for it - it got up to 73 today after dropping to 53 last night - we had to close the windows!!  Tomorrow is going to be another nice day, but I can't turn down a day of horseback riding, so that's what we're going to be off doing.  Woohoo!

I've also been tossing around the idea of re-doing my zombie dolls into ghostly ones.  They still need work done on their hair anyway.  It's rather bright & luxurious for being zombies!  I have a couple new ones, too.  I think the one with blood on her face (Victoria Victim) will stay, but her dress needs to be dirtied & spattered up some. 

 I found this at the Salvation Army recently.  It's handmade ceramic, at least I assume by the initials and date on the bottom, like I used to do myself while doing ceramics. I love the shape of it.  But I'm not particularly in love with the orange, but that is what drew my attention to it.  And the gold pearl shell / feather / fan thing?  Ew.  So it sits on the shelf....and waits. 

The hubby was off working at the Berkley Parade of Cars last night (the start of the Woodward Dream Cruise) so I went to browse a few stores.  I went to Home Goods looking for the headless horseman that I'd seen so many people on HF post - but neither of the ones around here had them.  :(  The first one had very few Halloween items out, and I grabbed this adorable skeleton couple.  The second had more to offer, but I didn't buy anything.  

Then I wanted to stop in the Christmas Tree Shoppe to look for some stuff for my Secret Reaper Victim and couldn't resist this JOL pirate nutcracker.  I am such a sucker for unusual nutcrackers!  They also had a vampire, witch & skeleton. 

I was pretty successful on the SR gift search - Got a good start! 

I wonder how Miss Maddie is going to like the fun of decorating?  Right now she's still spending a lot of time in the bedroom, but has managed to find her way out to the food / litter box without mishap (aka Chester bothering her).  btw - I had her back at the vet this week - she'd been getting over an eye infection when we adopted her, and she always seemed "winky".  Her eye never seemed to be open all the way and earlier this week, it was practically glued shut with goo.  So I took her in.  She has a deep scratch across her cornea!  The poor little thing! So she gets more medicine in her eye and I have to take her to an ophthalmologist next week. I wonder what happened?  Chester is declawed in front, so if he attacked, it had to be a tooth or his back foot that got her.  Jack wouldn't do anything more harmful than sniff or maybe lick her.  Bad aim while scratching?  I don't know. 
 Her loves the window!

So anyway....time for bed!  At least we don't have to get up terribly early to be at my sister's! 


  1. Glad that you are feeling better. I love your zombie dolls ~ they just crack me up. Have a great new week.

  2. It sucks to be sick! It'll me a great week, now that I'm feeling better.

  3. I like your zombie dolls! I think I might make me some zombie dolls.
    The weather is beautiful here, being in the 70's its warm enough for me.
    Hope kitty feels better.

  4. The zombie dolls are slightly addicting! you'll want a whole daycare full of them!

    Thanks about Maddie - I hope she does, too!


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