August 09, 2012

Grout & Ridge Cemeteries

Some of the sights we took in last weekend.  This is the one that kept popping up when I Google-searched the area.  For some reason it wanted me to look. Or maybe it was the neighboring cows.  I don't recall anything spectacular once I got there and there's nothing in the pictures.

 The detail is incredible!

 It's hard to believe this is all stone.

I love you so much that I will make you a cross out of scrap 2x4s and 
paint it silver before putting it next to your stone!

 That's a awfully nice looking outhouse!


 I wasn't about to walk on this - it looks like an underground crypt, maybe?  
But the cement slab with all the funky moss 
had a couple holes already in it.....
The tarnished green plaque with a name on it looked like 
someone just tossed it there. 

Marvil Secord
This stone was placed on the Sesquicentennial Celebration - 
until then, he'd never had a marker. 

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