Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My last official birthday!

I turned 39 today!  My last official birthday - after this, I get to lie about my age.  I posted some old pics of me thru the years over at my Life of Lisa blog - they're pretty funny.  I didn't post the really horrible ones, like my 10th grade school pic - that was one that I still wonder WHY DIDN'T I GET RE-TAKES???

I got some neat presents today.  A big bunch of carnations from Randy & Angel - and also a little stone to finally put out over my Skeeter & Maggie's graves in the yard.  I forget the saying right now, but it made me cry.  Dammit.

We stopped at the Salvation Army after dinner tonight to walk off some of the amazing BBQ we had.  I got this nice obelisk that has some nice heft to it.  I think it's needs a small base, but that's easy enough to make. 

And I couldn't resist this little skeleton with the light up eyes.  He's about 3 feet tall.  I believe he glows in the dark.

So other than the hubby getting sick with whatever crap I had 2 weeks ago, it was a nice birthday!


  1. Happy belated birthday Lisa!! So glad its almost the haunting season.

  2. Great pics Lisa, Happy Birthday! We have a friend who puts out a new geocache on his birthday every year. I guess he's trying to get rid of all the camo containers we give him as gifts:) Funny, his wife seldom remembers his birthday but all the cachers do!


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