August 21, 2012

Another dilemma!!!!

I just checked out Craigslist for the first time.....I found a vendor at an antique mall that has over 100 blowmolds (for all holidays) and from what I can see - the prices are super reasonable! 


I was going to post a couple more pics, but they were tiny thumbnails.   I know for a fact - that JOL on the right is at least knee-high and for $8?  ~swoon~

However....there are a couple minor issues regarding this wonderous find.....

1.  This particular antique mall is over an hour away - and requires going thru Detroit. 
2.  I drive a very small car.
3.  Storage, once I do get any home,
4.  What is the hubby going to say?

Gosh - what to do, what to do?  I posted this question on a FB group and got responses like "U-Haul - $35 or less"  and "strap them both on the roof" (I assume blowmolds & Randy, LOL!)   I think if I manage to ditch both the hubby & child, I'd have plenty of room.  But going to someplace like that alone is no fun! I guess if I control myself to just H'ween molds.....I could manage to allow one or the other to go with me. Then go back later for Christmas & Easter, etc. 

Of course I may get there and not really see anything I want!  Hmmm.  There are a couple other big flea markets / trade centers that are closer, too. 

Do you see my issues????


  1. I see your issues alright....and if it were me, I'd opt to take the kid and not the hubby, cause the hubby will just complain and try to keep you from buying too much...ha! I speak from personal experience....the kids will happily agree that you should buy it ALL! (Don't listen to me, I'm a bad influence!) :o(

  2. I believe you are correct. The major problem I see with taking the child is that she will require a bribe. She's usually pretty easy - an ice capp from Tim Horton's or a bag of Skittles usually will make her agree to anything!


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