July 29, 2012

Finished Project - PVC skeletons

And another project crossed off my list - this was one of the big ones.  Another brilliant project from the H'ween Forum

Last year, my bluckies were pretty boring.  I did have the intention of making them dance, but never got around to it.  So they just hung out (LOL, snort!)


First of all - this handle / trigger thing is the greatest invention ever!  It just clipped on the top of the spray can and it came right off when I was done.  I only got paint on my hands when I was holding the skulls from spinning and my fingers never got tired while spraying!

I didn't take pics of the actual cutting & assembly, since it's pretty much like the link to the thread.  I had my share of cussing and fighting with the PVC and trying to put screws into the PVC (which is quite brilliant!  I've always glued the PVC in the past - now I can take them apart if need be!)but it was tough, since you know, PVC is round. 

 Jack, approving my work.

 Here is everything drying.  I slipped the lower arm sections over tines of the rake to hold them out and I could spray all around them without touching them.  The skulls are hanging by clothespins on Jack's dog run.

 I forgot to take a naked pic of Walter. Here he's styling in his Dockers.
I got their clothes from the Salvation Army 
in the kids' department on a 5/$5 day.  

Matilda is naked!

 I was happy that a girls' dress fit over the PVC hips.  
And I'm just loaning her the tiara!

 I had to laugh when I was zipping up her dress and 
realized she was standing on her own. 

They obviously have a few details that need to be addressed.  
They are the best-dressed skeletons ever, 
so I need to cut / dirty them up some.  
And they need eyes.  And teeth. 
That's something I can do at the kitchen table one night.

Friday night after work, we stopped at Garden Ridge and got the "Pumpkin Pooping Ghost".  I couldn't remember the other ghost blowmold I had, but I knew I didn't have this one.  He's so cute!

I got the Victorian skeleton lady from Michael's.  I was mildly disappointed that there is just a plastic cone under her skirt, sort of like would go on top of a tree.  No actual legs. But I love the detail in her dress and the purple feather, etc.

And the silver studded skull is awesome!  It's nice & solid and the nubbies won't come off.  I used my 50% coupon Friday on the skelly above, so when I went today with a 40% coupon the very nice cashier suggested signing up for email updates and she could give me 50% off.  I told her I already got them.  She said I could do it again - after all....50% is better than 40%!  Don't have to tell me twice!

I got these metal maple leaves at JoAnn's.  
I couldn't pass up a 30% sale and another 20% off my purchase coupon!

So I feel quite accomplished this weekend.  Picked up some wanted items and got some things done.

Quick update on Miss Maddie - she is quite the trouble-finder!  I woke up to a crash last night and went to investigate.  I half-heartedly wondered who left the cabinet door open (that had been closed when I went to bed!) while I was picking up some kabob skewers off the floor.  As I went to put them away - a face was looking back at me!  I have absolutely no idea HOW she knew where to find the only shelf that had room for her - in the upper cabinets!!

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