October 06, 2016

25 days - an opportunity sadly turned down.

Every year since I've had this blog, I've posted about Tillson Street in Romeo, MI (and I will again this year, too!) 2015201420132012, & 2011.  It's basically 2 longish blocks of lovely old houses (a lot of historical Victorians) and 99% of these houses are totally decked out for Halloween.

We go every year as a family to see the sights and we always talk about how cool it would be to actually live on this street.  Welp, last weekend the family had met for lunch in Romeo for the September birthdays.  Of course, since we were right there.... we had to cruise Tillson Street!  

Per their website, they don't start setting up until October 1, so some houses were done, some were started and some had nothing yet.  However...one of them was adorned with a "For Sale" sign!  When we pulled around the corner, we laughed to see my sister's car in front of it and her running up to grab some info out of the holder on the sign.  She brought the info over to us and we chatted for a few, then she decided to peek in the windows, since it looked empty.  Of course I wanted to see, too!

As I walked up toward the front porch and Linda up there peering in the front window, I was horrified to see the front door open - the owner and his 2 yappy dogs were home!  Imagine my surprise when he invited us in to check it out!  Linda had him convinced (and I may have helped) that I was actually looking to purchase a new house, so he was happy to let us explore without the annoyance of a realtor.  He said he'd just gotten divorced and his ex had already moved out and he was living in one room until it sold.  It's been on the market for less than 4 months and the price has already dropped $30K!

Tillson Street!!  A whole lot of kindred spirits!
2087 sq feet vs. my current 849 sq feet
5 bedrooms
Finished basement with an actual laundry room
2 bathrooms (dated, but livable)
A linen closet
Fenced yard
Smaller yard = less mowing 
Shorter driveway = less shoveling

***Cons (aka reality)***
Tillson Street.  Insanity!  Not exaggerating - tons of people
(They use the local high school football team at H'ween to help with crowd control) 
Smaller yard would mean the cemetery would have to be reduced
No room for the hubby's ham radio antennas
No maple trees - HUGE issue right there.  Can't have a Maple Grove without maples!
All of our commutes would easily triple
Higher house payments & taxes
What the hell would I do with 5 bedrooms?
The guy said he'd throw in his H'ween decorations - the problem with that?

I just hope that whoever does buy it, appreciates their location and contributes to the neighborhood!  There's usually one or two houses that decorate the bare minimum, like corn stalks & a pumpkin.  People.  NO.  Lame! 

 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54494-164-6E1F2937D85F5FD3EB8A14DC4819E6EF_zpsg5damrgy.png

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