October 30, 2016

1 DAY TO GO!!!

I have done a few tweaks & changes since I took these, 
but I'll be taking more & making a video tonight.  
That darn red light on the sign just doesn't show up well in photos! 
In real life, it looks pretty good. 

...let's keep our fingers crossed!!

 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54494-164-6E1F2937D85F5FD3EB8A14DC4819E6EF_zpsg5damrgy.png


  1. I really enjoyed looking at your photos! Nice job on the lighting. "Barry D'Lyve" ;) I bet the neighborhood kids love your yard!

    1. Oh they do! Nobody else really decorates much on my street and that makes me sad.

  2. WOW!! Such neat decorations!! You do go all out for Halloween!! Did this scare some of the little kids??? I know everyone wants to come to your house to Trick or Treat!!

    1. In the past, I have had kids who didn't want to come up the driveway, but it's never been any scarier than this! This year I made a point of watching their reactions so I have a couple arrangement ideas already for next year. It made me happy to see people taking pictures!


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