October 18, 2016

13 days - Cemetery Tuesday - Mt. Pleasant

I have driven by a wooden sign for this cemetery at least 1.5 million times.  It's very near my sister's house and I finally got a chance to stop and explore!

Located in Lapeer County, right along a lovely trail for walking or horseback riding on one side and residential on the other.  I got there around 9am last Saturday so the sunlight is still at a pretty harsh angle. 
At first glance, I wasn't impressed.  There was an older section near the front, but the rest looked fairly new-ish.  Meh.  Then I looked closer and realized there were a lot of cool, unique stones!  Etchings and portraits and poems!

Between 1919 & 1939, the Golden Eaglet was the highest award a Girl Scout could earn.  Now it's simply called the Gold Award.  Comparable to the Boy Scout's Eagle Award.
Wish my maples were this colorful!
The etching seems to be a park with a motorcycle. 
Someone has a sense of humor!

Because everyone sould be remembered wearing a Cat in the Hat costume!
Pretty sure they're just installing the portraits here.  Behind the purple cross is a wedding picture, taped on the same way.
Across the bottom reads "Love you to the moon and back".
Backside below. 
Across the bottom reads "At least I don't have to work tomorrow."
Another funny guy!
This family was unfortunate with their babies.  They lost 5 little girls at birth.
Love the tiny footprints, tho!
Her portrait shows a cheerleader.
She wasn't even listed in FindAGrave - which I have since remedied.
Couldn't find anything on a Google search on her.  
The clear spot is blank.
I like that his name has a Michigan State Police patrol car over it. 
Back of above.
2 more little girls from 1925 & 1926. 

That apparently is a real thing!  Robert Sr. was inducted in 1998.
I love this one that shows the little girl leaving her wheelchair behind.
I was expecting a child, not a 66 year old man!

backside below. 

Belize South America must have been special to them. 
I'm not sure what kind of material these were made out of.  It didn't look like granite,
Obsidian maybe?
The 2 below are close-ups shots of this huge stone. 
A perfect saying for this lady with Down Syndrome. 
Love his plane etched in above him.
This is a very sweet sentiment, too. 
99 years old!
Sad.  He was 16. A quick Google search only brought up
his FindAGrave entry that doesn't really tell much.
Backside below. 
Is it wrong to say she is a die-hard Red Wings fan?
"Sit awhile and remember the good times"
Backside below.
Front below. 
It's a huge American flag hanging off 2 fire dept ladder trucks
as seen from next to a flag-covered coffin.
"Bob's 1948 Harley Davidson" and "Class of 1946 Dryden High School"

This made for a lovely day of exploring!

 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54494-164-6E1F2937D85F5FD3EB8A14DC4819E6EF_zpsg5damrgy.png

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