August 24, 2013

Real MGCs !!!

So I'm officially on vacation for the next week & a half!!  

We don't really have a particular destination in mind, we're thinking to spend a couple days in Traverse City (the upper pinky finger region of the mitten) and then wandering south along Lake Michigan before coming back across the state home. 

I discovered, thanks to, that there are a total of 33 REAL Maple Grove Cemeteries in Michigan !!!  So hubby has agreed to add a couple of them into our travels.  YAY!!

Leetsville, Kalkaska County (100 graves)

 Empire, Leelanau County (619 graves)

 Hudson, Leelanau County (3823 graves)

 Keswick, Leelanau County (204 graves)
I can tell already this is going to be my favorite.  
I love the gate & all the above-ground stones!
It looks like there are some older (1890s) stones in there, 
but also very recent ones. 

Grawn, Grand Traverse County (718 graves)

This is gonna be fun!

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