Monday, September 2, 2013

Home from vacation!

HERE is the cliffnotes version of our vacation.  On my 3rd blog, I went more into detail, but I also broke it up over 3 days' worth of posts, too.

Anywhooooo, not much Halloween excitement.  I picked up these salt & pepper shakers at Cracker Barrel - how cute are they?  99 cents each!  I couldn't resist!

So, The girl goes back to school tomorrow and the hubby goes back to work.  I go back Wednesday.  I'm thinking I may see the girl off to school, take the dog for a walk and then it should be late enough for stores to be open for some serious browsing.

if you need a fix before then.....check out some fun stuff that is going on over at the HalloweenForum!

Secret Reaper 2


The Card Exchange


  1. I love Cracker Barrel. I love Halloweenforum too, but when it is close to Halloween like it is now, I tend to say away. Mostly because of the nasty drama.

  2. OK - Help me out here!! I just got invited to our first Halloween party! What is the greatest girl and guy costume set? I'm 60 and he's 59?? Not grose, but funny and cute??


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