August 14, 2013


Wooo, I'm feeling fall in the air!  I had to shut the window last night, because it was so chilly! 

I took this at my sister's house Friday afternoon.  
This tree always changes early, tho.  
And my burning bush is starting to glow!

We went Sunday afternoon and drove to Sandusky, OH and spent the day Monday at Cedar Point.  We had a lot of fun!  On the way there, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner and they had a lovely Halloween display!  The lady working the floor was laughing at me, since I had my hands clasped in front of my chest, grinning like an idiot as I walked around!    

 Damn, my pics suck! 

 This is similar to a hat she wore for dance last season, so I had her try it on. 

 Who is that masked girl?

 I'm bummed this one is blurry - the dueling hillbilly skeletons were great!

 But I fell in love with these guys!  How cute are they???  
The JOLs dangle and the base says' Heads Up"
Yes, they came home with me. 

So I've missed posting a couple things that I've picked up lately from the Salvation Armies (I don't remember which one - we have 3 nearby)

 I don't really have a use for the doll, but she came in this cool case.  
For $4, I can do something with her!

 Who uses this nasty stuff?  The tag says its marinade.  I'll pass.  
But I like the bottle, of course!  It's got a wood stopper.

 These I got at Garden Ridge.  The hands have sturdy wire posts so they can stick in the ground 
& the witch is on a stick.  I'll probably put her in a plant. 

 Not particularly scary, other than it implies snow - a snowman candle holder!
I needed a poison apple and this looked pretty neat.  
I have one of the glass cheese domes that I'll put it in.

here is me & my sweetie on the ferris wheel at Cedar Point.  

I am sitting here staring at the phone # for the wood recycling place down the road, but I am not letting myself call about pallets until I get my house clean.  Motivation!!


  1. Great finds! I love the doll. You could do something very wicked with her!

    1. I'm thinking of spookifying her and sending her to my victim from the Halloween Forum Secret Reaper. The box is a nice little trunk.


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