August 03, 2013

Yankee Candle goodies

Welllll, I don't really know what I was expecting when I went to the Boney Bunch Preview Party today.  I intentionally waited & got there at 10:30.  As we approached the store - there was no one outside & it wasn't terribly crowded inside.  I was slightly surprised & yet hopeful.

 Here is our store at Lakeside Mall. 

There was a girl dressed in a black dress & orange tights giving out drawing tickets at the door. 2 cashiers dressed like witches (and one in a seriously cute lacy one-shouldered dress) and the lady wrapping the items had a lovely red cape on.  And the manager is an extremely "fabulous" guy, if you catch what I'm saying - but hilarious beyond words.   Words cannot describe how he got everyone's attention for the 11 am drawing.  Funny!

The store is pretty small and wasn't decorated over the top or anything. They had a table with juice & cookies in the back and a lady up front from another store with samples of whatever they sold. They had the Halloween items set up on a couple displays in the center. They had no bride & groom couples, so I'm glad I ordered mine online - and also none of the Frankenstein & Brides.  Besides the drawing, they had a large jar from one of the candles filled with candy corn and you could write down your guess of how many corns were in there.

 That guy right there walked into the store at 10:57 and 
won the damn 11 am drawing! 

I am very happy with my prom king & queen.  

I thought I wanted the black cat with the arched back, 
but once I saw this, I was torn.
I don't regret getting him. 

So that's all I got from them.  There were a few other things that I liked, but didn't feel the need to purchase.  I really, really like the haunted house.....
but it's huge and I have no place to put it!  

Since I was within the first 50 people to be there, I got a card with how to take care of their candles and also a bunch of mall coupons.   Woo.

Anyway, since we (Miss Angela went with me) were at the mall, we hit a few other stores & got home a lot sooner than I expected.  

At 1pm, I had to go check a siren - that's a radio geek thing where the county sets off the tornado / outdoor warning sirens and they want each one to be actually seen & heard & reported in - at least once each year. So once that was done - I had a map of 8 cemeteries plotted to go check out.

It worked out to be 6, since one was the most pitiful "war memorial" I'd ever seen.  And the other was nowhere to be found!  Google maps had the pin set in the middle of a road in a condo complex! 

A stone lion at the base of a flag pole.  Woo.  

It was an adventure finding all these cemeteries. One we drove past twice, since it was behind a grapevine-covered chain link fence & overgrown driveway (love those old ones like that!!). Another I almost mistook for someone's yard - all I saw were 2 stone benches.  There may have been 10 stones in there . Another was on a corner of 2 dirt roads with big new houses all around, but looked like the grass hadn't been mowed in 100 years. And there was no place to park - so my car was sitting on a good 40* angle - my door hit the dirt when I opened it! The other ones were larger, easy to find & pretty interesting to walk thru. 

I bribed Angel with ice cream to go with me.  She went thru the first 3 with me, then stayed in the car for the rest. She's not as interested in cemeteries as I am!

btw - I uploaded approximately 175 photos from Friday (3 cemeteries) and another 146 from today. I think my new camera got itself a good workout.  Yay!


  1. Ours was really unprepared this year. We were there with a crowd of about 30 others when they opened the doors. Only two Frankenstein/brideof Frankenstein on display were grabbed up immediately when I asked if there were more they said they could order them? Then they ran out of the $5 special wall plug after about the 10th person checking out! Luckily they "found" 5 more Frankensteins in the back... Saw the black cats, they were cool! Did buy one of their only two haunted houses. Where was their inventory??

    1. Ours had a lot of some things & none of others! I didn't see the train, the hearse, the motorcycle or Bone White!

      I was reading on some of the FB pages that people are pretty cut-throat at some stores - stealing stuff out of other people's baskets & grabbing items out of their hands. Mine was pretty calm & sane & they were making an effort of getting you thru the line as quickly as possible.


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