August 01, 2013

YC Preview Party!

I'm sort of looking for ward to going to this, since I've never been to one before.  I asked about it at my local store and the one guy told me that is is a fun, crazy event and people line up outside before the store opens.
I don't know if I want to be there when it opens, but I will go sometime within the first couple hours.

I heard they have a prom king & queen, which I think I want.  And one of the black cats.  But other than that, I am open to whatever grabs me!  I don't feel the need to collect every single piece, just the ones I think are cute!

I finally got my new camera yesterday!  My old one crapped out right in the middle of Miss Angela's dance recital dress rehearsal.  I was pissed!!  Anyhoooo, I got a GE X2600.  Its a lot bigger than my last couple cameras, so I will be using the neckstrap faithfully!

And then to try it out - I have a Google map printed out with 3 cemeteries to go visit after work tomorrow and another with 6 to visit this weekend.  I'm looking forward to getting some neat shots.  It's funny that the first cemetery I thought of was this little tiny one that I've been to before, a couple years ago.  Then one of the others nearby there is HUGE!  I'll have to save some of these for Cemetery Tuesdays on this year's Countdown to Halloween.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Have you signed up for the Secret Reaper yet?


  1. Aw Crap, I forgot all about preparing for countdown to Halloween... Good luck with your new camera!

    1. You still have 2 months! LOL! I just don't like waiting til the last minute.


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