August 20, 2013

Isn't everyone writing about HomeGoods?

Well, now so am I !!!

I've been to 2 different ones in the past week or so (I'm not counting the first time I went to the one & they barely had anything out)  I didn't get a whole lot of pics, just the things I thought were especially neat.  And of course the things that made it home with me.  :)

I wonder if each store gets different items?  Since the 2 stores had some of the same items, but also different things.  I like that their prices are fairly reasonable.  I'll include them with my pics. 

This is heavy and by the time I came out of the store, it looked like I'd been rubbing my face on it, by the amount of glitter on me.   
It's slightly smaller but thicker than a laptop computer. 

 I was so undecided about this Hessian!  I'm still not sure where I'll put him, but I finally decided I'd totally regret it if I passed him up.  He's easily 14 inches tall. 

 A candle that will NOT be burned.

 This ginormous spider stayed at the store.  
He was neat, but I already have one of those big furry ones from Spirit, so no dice. 
I think he was $19.99

 I really liked this guy, too.  He was probably 3 1/2 feet tall and 
felt like he was made of plaster.  But at $60?  He stayed there. 

 A crazy bejeweled spider above & below. 

This was the sole purpose I went to HG in the first place!  Someone had posted 1000 pics on FaceBook from their shopping trip and I saw this.  I was tickled to grab the only one they had! 

Hmm.  I do believe there is another store over not far from when I got to my Weight Watcher meetings.. I may have to drop in there Thursday!


  1. We don't have any of those things or the ones I saw on Rot's page but they are defintely the best stocked store of unique and quality Halloween decor. Thinking I want that headless horseman! he's cool. I have one more store close enough to check.

  2. LOVE the Hessian!!! I hope that Marshall's or TJMaxx carries that guy this year :) I got the one on the horse last year at Marshalls :)
    Great finds!

  3. Love the headless horseman and the bejeweled spiders! Great finds.

  4. Wow, great prices too. My faves: the headles horseman sculpt and the INCREDIBLE skull/crown candle! awesome.


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