October 17, 2023

#CountdownToHalloween2023 Secret Reaper

So I frequent the HalloweenForum message boards, probably not as much as I used to, but I still pop on there periodically throughout the year.  Of course I have to sign up for the annual Secret Reaper!

Imagine something like a Secret Santa, but Halloween.  You get assigned someone to reap and someone gets assigned you!  There's a thread of "likes & dislikes" and we also submit a list to the lady who makes the assignments.  This is pretty necessary since there are so many variations of what people like regarding their H'ween.  Like I don't do blood & gore and I don't do the movie or cartoon characters, etc.  It's also handy to note if you're doing a theme.  If you want, you can mention your family situation or critters. 

Some are hard!  I had to reap someone who said he didn't have much room , so he mentioned 28mm miniatures, etc.  I had no idea what those were, but I assumed it was like Dungeons & Dragons type stuff.  And even if I was wrong, he seemed to have liked it.  

But what I got?  Either they are excellent shoppers or totally ignored the $20 spending limit! 
Loved the box decorations.
maple leaves - of course! 
I mentioned having cats & gee - I wonder if Rusty thinks there's something in there for him? 
bunny skeleton!  I don't have a little one like this already. 
Love this necklace!  
Bling is always good. 
Score!  Catnip toys & treats!
OMG - I love this!  It's a glasses cleaning cloth!
Personalized with Chuck & my cemetery sign! 
These are so good!  And crazy rich.  
I've been sharing them with the Spouse after the grandkids go to bed.
I'm going to have one of my skeletons in the yard holding this. 
Chuck earrings!  
And they're super lightweight, which is what I look for in earrings. 
Chuck keychain!
The owl has a buddy out in the yard. 
I think I'll put this little guy out in the yard in a random place...
With a bunch of critter skeletons!!
I forgot to take a pic of the socks as I unboxed them, so here they are on my feet!
Dinosaur skeletons with ToT buckets!
Then there was a second box for the grandkids.
Stickers & bubbles & toys & candy!  
Everything that a kid dreams about at Halloween!
And 3D printed cauldrons which are super cool. 

So yeah, my reaper was awesome.  

It's about time to take a peek at the long term forecast and see what kind of lousy weather we'll get here in SE Michigan on & around Halloween.....
I can deal with the upper 40s for temp, but the rain needs to not happen!  

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