October 27, 2023

#CountdownToHalloween2023 local haunt spotlight - Clinton Twp Neighbor Haunt

OMG - Just a handful of days to go!
October needs to be longer - there's so much more that I want to do, but there's just not enough hours or days.  

So local to me, there's the Clinton Township Neighbor Haunt.  They post a whole map of houses that are participating and you can choose where you want to go.   Since I had the Spawn & grandkids with me, I chose wisely since nobody wants to fight with toddlers + carseats a bunch of times.  

We've gone to Colman St before - it's totally worthwhile to go there.  There's a lot of houses (at least there was 2 years ago when I went) that decorate and I really appreciated that they saw we had a small child and kept the scares toned down around us.  My car got stuck in the mud and I had a troupe of clowns push me out!   However, the Spawn isn't a fan of clowns, so we haven't gone since. 

Twisted Fears is also really cool.  The yard is fantastically decorated and they do a haunted walkthru in their garage.  The only issue I had with that is I caught up to the weenies who went before me and I missed all the scares!  
One of the places we went to is Mayhem on Esplanade - this is one of those places that you have to wonder just exactly what the owner does for a living since he had ALL the big props and those aren't cheap!   I didn't get many pictures since there was just so much to look at!
I had't seen the ghost in person before this - that is awesome!!!
Chuck had a good time, too.
There was a real hearse and a couple real caskets, too.
All of the floating JOLs were so cool!
Next is actually the first place we went to.  I don't know Bob, the owner, personally but I am friends with him on Facebook.  He goes by Attic Hatch.  His imagination & artistry is just amazing. 
All of his props are homemade. 

A fanigrl moment - I got this for my birthday! 

moving on....
this is his newest "pump-karn-ivore"
The Mutant Mantis
The Escape of the Mutants
Monster Wasp
Thie sign on the giant snake says don't feed pets or children to the snake after daylight hours.
the Radioactive Spider
Mutant Long Legs
The little shadows on the right are the grands. 
Giant Window Rat

aw man, I just realized I didn't get a pic of the guy up on the watchtower with a floodlight and the giant spider climbing up to get him.  I think that's when I was just standing there taking it all in!

So we did do the walking portion of the Neighbor Haunt, too.  I didn't get any pics there because I was enjoying the night we had where I didn't have to wear a coat and there weren't many people out, which is what I was hoping!  The kids enjoyed themselves, too. 

As of Sunday, October 22 - very little color on the maple trees!

what the forecast doesn't show is the high of 77* today before the bottom drops out tonight and we get our regularly scheduled crappy Michigan Halloween weather. 
on the plus side, I did get my 4 foot skeletons slathered with Apoxie Sculpt after work yesterday so they'll be going out into the cemetery probably tomorrow!   I didn't think I'd get a chance to work on them this season!


  1. I love the pictures. Never thought mutants could make cool Halloween critters. They do. Oh and yes, time goes way too fast.


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