September 21, 2015

Almost time!!!

Traditionally, my cemetery set up begins the day after Miss Angela's birthday (the 28th).  And she will never let me forget exactly when her birthday is (she'll be 18 this year and I'm taking her to get a tattoo!  My thoughts are I'd rather take her to a reputable place myself instead of some crappy dive with her friends).

Anyhoooooo, I've been starting posts for the Countdown to Halloween!  I love reading other blogs that are participating, too.   Lots of cool ideas and topics are covered.   I wonder what the badges will be this year?  I see the blog title over there has kids in the classic plastic costumes & masks - I hope that's what they are!  

Anyway - the menagerie is growing..... in more ways than one!  First of all - meet Daisy Mae.  She just turned 4 months old and we've had her since the 11th.  She was born in my sister's barn and altho we hadn't planned to get another cat - let alone a baby - I couldn't resist that face!  The older cats took a little convincing, but they're warming up to her. 
Another new addition is less high-maintenance.  This is the Brutus Bonez from CVS.  I got him for 30% off!  Jack really isn't amused. 
I did the Secret Reaper on the Halloween Forum again.  I'm still waiting to get my reaping, but my victim was happy to receive these dolls that have been sitting in a box in my garage for WAY too long.  I got a bunch, thinking to creep them up...then decided they weren't my style.  
Round 2 is coming up and I should be getting that victim anytime.  These are such fun! 

Anyhooo - I have one critter telling me she's hungry and another telling me he wants outside, so later!



  1. I love your lil sassy dog.
    what kind of tat is she getting?

    1. Since she's a dancer, she wisely chose to get it on her hip so it doesn't show in costume. She got a pink heart, the heartbeat lines like from a monitor and the word dance in script. She's really happy with it. And since I have have several of my own (the last one I got was about 10 days before her) she's able to ask about how it's healing and such. The peeling freaks her out.


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