September 15, 2015

Spirit 6 1/2 foot skeleton

So after a bit of waffling, I broke down and ordered Spirit's 6'6" hanging skeleton.  They're normally $100, but I used one of the 20% email coupons (only to get a 25% a couple days later, dammit!)

I was mildly concerned, because the shipping info said the box was 14x14x14 inches! There's no freakin' way the box could be that small! wasn't.   I also appreciate the unmarked box!
 Look at the size of that melon!
 It was tied up neatly with twine to keep it all in place.  
 I'm 5'8" so the size is pretty close.  I didn't actually measure it. 
 His profile is somewhat bull-doggish with its underbite. 
 The shoulder contraption is interesting.  Lots of use of zipties.
 I can see why they say it's for indoor / covered outdoor use only - there's hot glue where the bottom of the pelvis meets. The arms & legs are held on with those pegs.    
 Jack always has to check out what I'm doing.   
 His one foot is kinda funky, but since I'm not fitting him for pointe shoes or anything, I don't care. 

 Here are zipties holding the rib sections together.  
 The ribs are only cross-sections.  Here's where they meet the spine. 
I like the overall size of it and think it'll be a great addition to the Maple Grove Cemetery this year!


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