September 04, 2015

Home Depot & stuff

Yeah, I was intrigued with all the hype regarding the Home depot offerings this year.  So after a chaotic day at work, I did some retail therapy.  

These huge freakin' skulls were awesome! $50. They had a ginormous 3 foot tall gargoyle, too.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture, since I like gargoyles!
 I'm not sure why everything has LED eyes this year.   
I caved and got one of their $30 pose & stays.  It's very lightweight and also has LED eyes.  I'll have a review up on it soon. 
 Now THIS I was very impressed with.  It's very heavy resin and almost 2 feet tall (with LED eyes, of course).  I like the detail and heft and the perfect amount of goofy to fit in my cemetery.  Best of all....$15!!!  The only thing I noticed that could be a problem is that the base is somewhat narrow, so if its sitting on uneven ground it could fall forward or back.   And there doesn't seem anyway to anchor it to the ground. 
I saw the fire & ice lights there, but they only had red & purple.  If they had blue, I probably would have been all over it.  So I got the ghosties instead.  They also had skeletons, spiders & one other that I can't remember. 
I like how the post is easily adjustable. 
 Let's see if the video works.....

I also popped into Hobby Lobby where for some reason all Fall and Christmas stuff was 40% off, but not the Halloween.  But that's OK.  I didn't see anything I liked there.  But my nutcracker collection is more racially diverse now!  Seriously - I've never seen black nutcrackers before - love them!!  
 I'm still on the quest for the hearse from Home Goods.  I found this one the other day....hidden amongst the fall stuff.
Which I like a lot, but I've seen pics of a silver one with a driver that I'd like, too. 
Now I need to come up with a suitable horse.....

This plate is pretty awesome.  I got the smaller of the ones available.  They had silver & gold & red, too.  This actually has red tints in the black when the light hits it just right. 
I got this today.  Come on - a blinged out purple skull candle holder - awesome! 

Kmart didn't have much out yet, but then again - its technically still back-to-school time since around here school doesn't start until the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Sooon! 

They always have the best hand towels. 

 I got this neat throw pillow and only 1 towel (so far - muahaha!) 
 I was thinking of kicking back with a Buzzball (never had one before) but Randy is out with a bunch of people from work, celebrating with envy the guy who is moving on to new opportunities so I don't want to crack open something with 17% alcohol if I may need to pick him up.  So it'll wait til later!  I need to finish getting my Secret Reaper gift together so I can get it mailed out anyway.  Or I could be domestic and like OMG, clean my house....



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