Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yankee Candle part 1

I'm calling this part 1 since I got my Boney Bunch fix the easy way - I bought the ones I really wanted online (at like 6am because I got up to let the dog out) and they obviously won't be here for a while.  That'll be part 2. 

Yesterday was my birthday, so the family humored me by tagging along wherever I wanted to go.   First stop was breakfast, then to the mall to check out whatever Boney Bunch stuff they had left.  A few other stops in the mall to browse, then I'd planned on dropping Randy off at home, then Angel and I going to get our nails did, but once I got home...I felt a nap calling me.  A glorious 3 hour nap.  It was beautiful.  

So here's what I came home with.  Seeing this stuff in person is what sold me.  The website didn't do them justice. 
And I sure as hell don't want to buy candles without smelling them!  I don't like really strong smells and it's really hard to tell by the flowery descriptions.  The website describes  the Black Magic candle as "A provocative mix of black leather, patchouli, smoky incense and sweet vanilla...all cloaked in musk and eerily mysterious."  I smelled baby powder and something else.  I'll have to burn it to see how it really is. 
 I love how this votive holder glows like it's already burning! 
 It's super shiny inside. 
 And this is the candy bowl that you could get for $10 is you spent $35.
 This piece is actually from 2011 - I bought it off someone who had posted on a FB page that they were selling their collection.  

It amazes me how crazy these people went on FB.  They acted like the sale would never get here and then life would be over if they didn't buy every single piece.  Weird, peoples! 

So now it's time to go get my pedicure.  It's been WAY too long since I had one!  


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