July 19, 2012

I haven't run away!

There just hasn't been much going on around the Maple Grove Manor lately, Halloween-wise.

I still have a pile of bones with PVC in them out in the garage, since I haven't gotten back out there to assemble the dancing skeletons. It's been too hot!!  And well today - cooler, but I had stuff inside to do.  Laundry, cleaning the disastrous kitchen, etc. Taking advantage of the girl being back at dance class and hubby not home from work yet.

I did recently get quite a wonderful gift from one of Randy's friends....

a real Crystal skull bottle!  

Sadly, he didn't leave any vodka in there for me, but that's OK - this time!

We invaded my sister's house Monday night, since the dork has gone 2 years without putting her air conditioner in the window!  She asks for help with all sorts of random chores around her house, but not for something NECESSARY like this? When it's been 90+ degrees?   So I told her we were coming to install it.  On the way home, I caught a glimpse of Angel in the back seat of the car, thru the side mirror.


 This one is over my shoulder, lit by my cellphone. 

Other than that, it's just been regular, boring life.  However, on July 7, Randy got us tickets to see Lite Ford / Poison / Def Leppard in concert.   Best 6th anniversary gift EVER!


I've been a DL fan since high school, probably 9th grade!  And I'd never seen them live.  I didn't realize there was such a void in my life!!

Anyway, that's all for now! 

Oooh, I signed up for the Secret Reaper on the H'ween Forum.....can't wait!  And also the Secret Santa on the ChristmasFanClub !!!  Let the shopping / creating commence!!

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