Monday, July 23, 2012

100 days!

We are almost to double digits in the countdown to the big day!

I was recently perusing the H'ween Forum when someone posted this bracelet that they got off Etsy. 


I realized that I couple probably make it for a lot less than buying it.  I already have the chain, clasp, beads and little loopy things for the charms, so I just needed to order the charms.  I got half the charms from here and the rest from here.  I just ordered them yesterday & already received emails from both places that my orders have shipped!  Awesome!  I can't wait to get started!  That'll be another post. 

I found a couple neat things while out shopping in the near past.  

metal maple leaf wreath!

ceramic pumpkins with metal leaves

they entertained me, OK?

Randy and I have been talking about adopting another cat, since it's been almost 6 months since we lost Miss Maggie and 10 since we lost Skeeter.  The first & only place I checked was the Michigan Humane Society where we adopted Chester from (9 years ago!!!) We wanted an adult cat and one that was hopefully already declawed, since Chester is.  Look at this pretty girl who matched our search!!

She's 6 years old, spayed, declawed and around 10 lbs.  I figured out that the "M" means medium size. Anyway - so Angel and I are going Wednesday when they're open late to check her out.  Hopefully she will suit and we will have a new sister for Chester!  I prefer the MHS, since I know anybody we choose will be fixed & up to date on all their shots & healthy.  They call them "Certified Pre-Owned Cats" - LOL!

So if we get her - expect lots of pics!

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