November 13, 2011

So sad.

 If I'd left them sitting out any longer, I would have had to use a shovel to get them in the yard waste container! That is some seriously nasty red mold in there!

I'm finishing putting away the last of the indoor Halloween decor (supervised by Skeeter).  You know there is always that one thing that gets left out - I wonder how long it'll take to find it!  Of course, there is stuff that is intentionally going to stay out.  The gargoyle on top of the Grandfather clock.  The Cupid skeleton candle-holder.  The skeleton in the glass dome.  yeah.

Every year I go to 2 specific craft shows with Mom & the sisters.  Of course most of the stuff for sale is for that ~other~ holiday, but you do occasionally find Halloween items.  Excuse the blurry pic, but I was trying to be sneaky taking's a sock mummy!  However...I wasn't about to pay $40 for this, so I will be making my own.  It should be fairly easy.  Take a sock monkey and wrap it in gauze strips.  Big lime green buttons for the eyes and they have a little spider on its chest. 

  I will so be making this!!!

 But other than that......the second of the 2 craft shows is next weekend & also the hubby will be leaving for Arkansas on Thursday for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping I can get some stuff done around here!!

Totally off topic here, but I find this funny.  I was looking at the stats for this HALLOWEEN blog and 2 of the sites that have referred people to me are "" and "".  WTF???

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