November 01, 2011

Welcome to Maple Grove Manor

Also known as the Love Shaque in the off-season!

This is a series of vignettes throughout the inside of my house.

 The hall bathroom

 I loved the idea of broken glass gel clings, but had no idea how to place them!

 Top of the cabinet ni the hall bath.

 Living room.

 Living room. 

 My year-round tree & Boney Bunch guys from Yankee Candle.

 MR & Mrs. Bones & wax warmer thingy from Partylite. 
The mummies from Bordine's nursery.

 This skelly's also from Bordine's Nursery.  
Gargoyle & silver skull from Home Goods.

 The beaded ghost glows in the dark.

 Last year's cheer pic matches my maple leaves!

 The framed drawing is from my secret reaper last year.  

 This guy is special.  He gets to lounge in bed all season.

 Kitchen plant table with little skeleton infestation. 

 Part of the apothecary.

More apothecary.

 The spice rack.

 Waiting for ToTers with our Candy Inspector. 

 I didn't have a witch hat to go with my green & black striped socks & black dress, so I rocked the feathers!

 Little Red Awesome Hood.  
There still is no lack of EGO in my house. 

Apparently Little Red Awesome Hood can moonlight as Helga the barmaid!

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