October 06, 2022

The Story of Chuck #CountdownToHallween2022


The earliest mention of Chuck in either of my blogs was from October 2015.

When the Michigan family invaded Ohio to go see my brother in Dayton and we thought it would be funny to take a couple skeletons.  Chuck was accompanied by a 5 foot skeleton named Al. 

He's now become a family fixture and everyone expects to see him at gatherings & holidays. 
This is back when he was still naked and had boring eyes. 
The horses in my sister's barn aren't even fazed by Chuck anymore. 
I'm not entirely certain why he's holding a bowl of dog food in the car.....
But that's part of his mystique!
Sometimes Steve the Skeleton stands in for Chuck.  
When the Spawn when to South Carolina for dance nationals, Steve went because he was easier to carry on a plane.   Steve is pretty boring, tho.  He just sat in the hotel room the whole week!
Altho, Chuck has been on a plane!  We took a family trip to Nashville and the Spawn and I (with the grandson) were toward the front of the plane and everyone else was in the back.  Which meant he got to dance in the aisle and entertain the people behind is. This was 10/2020 so the 'Rona was still going on so there was an extra seat between us - of course Chuck got to sit there.  The flight attendant stopped - stared - and commented that this was something she doesn't see every day!  And the proceeded to go get the pilot so he could come back and take a pic!  He said he was going to send it to corporate and tell them that they needed better snacks for the passengers.   He brought Chuck and the Grandson a set of Delta wings, too
We don't live that far from from Hell so of course he's been there. 
We've travelled on the east coast and while I knew this place was based in Vermont, we hadn't actually planned to go there.  We just came across it!
January 2020 saw the arrival of the Grandson.  
Who now thinks every skeleton he sees is called Chuck!
Looking so professional at my work.
October 2021 saw the arrival of the Granddaughter.
Another child who thinks it's normal for Gramma to carry around a skeleton!
He's been to my mother-in-law's house in Hot Springs, Arkansas many times. 
He likes to walk on the Promenade behind Bathhouse Row .
He's done events with my search & rescue team.  Here he is at a parade with 2 of our K9s.
He actually went on a search with me, too!  My team was asked to assist with a recovery in northern Michigan and some of us decided to carpool since it was a good 3 hour drive.  One of the ladies saw Chuck on the front seat of my car and asked if he could go, too?  So he did!  
He was even specifically invited to my niece's wedding.
This is the moment that we realized Chuck needed his own social media.
We were on Mackinac Island last summer and the driver of the wagon saw me taking this pic - and he still had his headset on when he asked what the story of the skeleton was - so everyone else on the wagon heard and stared. 
This past spring he made another trip to Texas with me to visit some Navy sisters. 
 Stopping at Buc-ee's seemed necessary!

Let's see, his next adventure is this weekend - I'm going to Halloween Camp that's being put on by another search & rescue team in the area.  It's been a ton of fun every time that I've gone. 
I got a text from Pat, the head lady asking if 2 of my skeletons wanted to come play with us?  
They're dressed & already ready to go!  
I have a meeting tonight and won't be going home after work.  So I'll "give custody" of the big guys to my SAR director at our meeting and she'll get them to Camp. 

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