October 03, 2022

Welcome! #CountdownToHalloween2022

 Welcome to the 2022 Countdown to Halloween!

I have been doing the Countdown every year (with varying degrees of success) since 2011 - which is also the year I started this blog!   I plan to post about setting up my cemetery (the story is explained in detail over in the right column), exploring some real cemeteries and exploring some cool local haunts. 

I'll also write about some neat events I plan to attend - for example....
I wasn't available to post on Saturday 10/1 because I was volunteering at the Haunted Garage Sale put on by the Motor City Haunt Club.  That was a super cool event and I hope there's a video on YouTube again this year.  I got there at 6am to help vendors bring all their goodies in from their vehicles, and then also got to shop before the doors opened to the public.     
I carried these guys in from the truck and a very short time later, carried them back out to my car!

Then I went around to all the vendors to give them the venue's wifi password if they needed it, then I sat in the lobby near the entrance with some other people at the table where the raffle boxes were.   People watching is so fun!
How awesome was this???  
The garage sale had free admission and it came with a raffle ticket.
Check out what you could have won!
There's the 12' skeleton, the 12' Inferno guy, the 12' witch, the 8' stack of pumpkins all from Home Depot and the 6' animated Grim skeleton from Spirit.  Nothing to sneeze at!

For the first 4 prizes, the winners weren't present, but the winner of the skeleton was one of the vendors, so when their name and number were called, we could hear cheering - so that was really fun to see their reaction. 

So anyhooooo.
Welcome to my little corner of the Interweb and I'll see you again soon!


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