October 05, 2022

The Mosh Pit #CountdownToHalloween2022

Welcome to Day 5!

When I really started decorating back in 2008, I had 2 blowmolds.  The large ghost (known as the Union Rep, courtesy of the Spouse) and one of the big jack-o-lanterns.   They were my only ones until 2012 when a couple others joined the crew. Then I got a few here & there each year and since 2018, I haven't added any more.  

Now there's 4 new ones!
I showed this guy already - I got him at the Haunted Garage Sale. 
I thought his base was already weighted but come to find out, it was dirt. 

That being said - does anyone know how to clean the inside of a blowmold?  
I can't get the dried mud out of the top guy's head!
The Spouse and I went to Menard's one day and I saw the little skeleton guy for the first time.  He obviously came home with me!  I just wish he was lit with something more substantial than a C7 bulb!  His plastic is too thick for such a small bulb. 

Then I'd gone to Lowe's for the sole purpose of getting the headstone, but saw the ghostie and grabbed him instead.  The headstone happened later. 
Before the stack of ghosts.

I call it the Mosh Pit because they're the only decorations on this side of the driveway.  It also serves to reduce their light from drowning out the LEDs in the cemetery. 


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