August 27, 2017

Menards 2017

Here's a place I never see anyone cover - Menards! 

 Funny that the crap local "newspapers" that get tossed into our driveway usually go straight into the recycle bin.  But I kept them this time, because I knew I'd be painting soon.   And there happened to be a Menard's circular in one of them.  We don't go there often, since they aren't exactly convenient like Lowe's or Home Depot is. But today we made a special trip.  

First, the requisite "fall" stuff....
The scarecrows & crows on the middle shelf were adorable! 
That's a lotta candles!
I kinda like the round bales of hay.
 I didn't check the prices on the Spooky Town(?) to see if they're comparable to Michael's. 
Cute display, tho!
 They carried the same 2 blowmolds last year.
I feel sorry for the employees at this store - these witches were talking continuously.  
It got annoying FAST!
 I apparently set off one of the skeletons in the cage.  
He shook & lit up & made some sort of noise. 
 The big skeleton dog was $59.99 - def cheaper than I've seen elsewhere. 
Look at the 'stone' bunnies to the right of it!!!  Squeee!
 Lights of all sorts.  
Those JOL buckets were enormous!   
They also had a giant inflatable black dragon by the door where we came in that was pretty impressive.  
The stack of JOLs sang Monster Mash and were right above the talking witches.
 So we found & acquired what I saw in the circular that interested me...
It swirls around red, green & blue lights and for $5, we decided to see how it looked in the cemetery.  We're thinking of putting them up high and washing down over everything. Should be neat!


  1. Wow Lisa, they have a lot of Halloween stuff. I don't think we have a menards around here.. but I'm going to check. I also like the round hay bales.

  2. Wow! Who knew Menards had this much Halloween stuff already! I might actually end up there today. Those stone bunnies are something new! They remind me of the one in Donnie Darko. :)


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