August 09, 2017

Woooo, code orange in my house!

I've checked out a couple store so far, but mainly the ones I already know actually have H'ween stuff on the shelves. School doesn't start around here until after Labor Day, so Back To School stuff is still out at stores like WalMart, CVS, Walgreens, KMart, etc.  
Probably mid-September I'll start checking them out. 
But Michael's / Joann's / Big Lots have already gotten $$ from me!

You've seen all the Michael's goodies 100 times, so I just took pics of the stuff I really liked, which is like all the skeletons. 
This framed guy may end up coming home with me eventually. 
I need the skeleton, since the others are similar to past years' but I don't have him. 
This is what came home with me. 
The skeleton in the coffin is my favorite!

Pier One didn't impress me a whole lot.  
But these umbrella hangers were prettyneat. 
They're solar powered so I assume the body is a lightbulb and will light up. 
They were $14.99, I think.

Home Goods & TJ Maxx - nada yet.  

 Joann's has most of their H'ween stuff is already 40% off and I got another 20% off for signing up to use their in-store wifi!  I'll take it!
The min-skeleton is a pose & stay and a pretty decent one, too!
And I really thought this was a dachshund skeleton, but I saw ones at Big Lots that were undoubtedly weenie dog, so idk what the heck this is!   But I could envision this in my fox hunting scene, 'running' after the rest of the pack of dogs!  
The clearance beads reminded me of vertebra.
And handtowel + skulls + bling (they're shiny!), I couldn't pass up!
Jack was not impressed with this new addition.

The final stop was at Big Lots.  
Here's the token shot of the giant dragon.
This thing is so freakin' awesome!  
 I saw someone on a FB page I follow discovered that a 3 foot skeleton will sit on it's back perfectly. 
 So speaking of my fox-hunting scene - this cat is going to be transformed into my fox!  It's bigger than any of my other cat skeletons, so I'm going to try to make some bigger ears out of Scupley clay (or whatever the air-dry clay is) and hopefully can acquire or create the distinctive tail... I can picture him sitting up on top of something out of reach of the skeleton Beagle pack....
 What I really wanted was this book!  
It's smaller than I thought it would be, but I like it. 
The eyes light up and there are blue LEDs on top of its left hand & right wrist where they meet the pages. 
So much for really not "needing" anything else!
How you bought anything yet?
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