July 01, 2016

Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston SC

So, yes I did make it to Magnolia Cemetery!  I was actually slightly disappointed after being in the Bethany Cemetery with all the beautiful perpetual care plots, Magnolia seemed run-down.  I shouldn't have been surprised - I really can't expect stones 150+ years old to be perfect!  There was still plenty to see and admire. 

Anyhoo.  I was excited to be there, I couldn't wait to see what I'd find!  
...which caused me to do this....
I did actually want to SEE an alligator, so I went and stood here for a bit. 
It was a garden dedicated to a cemetery trustee. 
This was quite fantastic.  A whole section dedicated to SC military from the Civil War. 
This was a whole row of CSA Navy Unknowns.  
The one with the flag stood out, so I checked it out. 
"Unknown Child of the Confederacy"
Call me weird, but in my heart, I feel as tho it was a little girl and 
she's in the middle of all these sailors who are protecting her.  
More unknown sailors. 
It was very beautiful, if overgrown. 
The 3 photos following this are detail shots of the angels at the top of this enormous & beautiful monument. 
The Palmetto Guards, from what I found, were the 2nd Regiment of the South Carolina Infantry during the Civil War and was one of Robert E. Lee's elite 'shock' troops. 
I saw a Lockwood Blvd in my travels around town, so maybe he was a local?
The color of these side stones caught my attention....
...then I noticed the fire plugs at all 4 corners.....
Now that makes sense!
This fence is beautiful!
I was stepping out from peeking inside this pyramid when I literally almost ran into an elderly couple from Mobile, Alabama.  I had a nice chat with them.  He pointed out the where the H.L. Hunley Memorial was, and told me that I wasn't likely to see any alligators because they'd be tucked in the reeds where it was cool. 
This one was shaped like a shell.  I wonder what had been in the center?
This mausoleum was very run down. The corner pieces had fallen off that front right corner.
...Looking inside
Nope.  Not going in! 
The family name is White.  Wonder where they are now? 
These faced the tidal area, so it surprised me that the door is open.  
The back part is covered in mud, but the front still shows the checkered tiles. 
I saw several of these, with the rings at each corner.  But the words on this one appear to be backwards!
The H.L. Hunley memorial section. 
I was surprised at first at how small it is, but a Civil War submarine wouldn't have as large a crew as today's subs do! 
There is a large stone for each of the 3 original crews. 
How unusual!
Close up of the crest with a knight. 
The trees here, too!
This is similar to the view that the White & Vanderhorst Mausoleums above had. 
What a view!
I'd love to know the reason behind the design of this one. 
The sign reads about "the Seven To Save", raising funds to stabilize the original 7 receiving vaults in the cemetery. 
I'd only seen pictures of stones like before and had never dreamed to see one in real life!  
I was so intrigued with this, that I didn't get a good look at the 2 on the other side.  They look interesting, too. 
This was for a 3 year old girl.  
I tried to get a picture of the inscription on the book, but it didn't turn out. 
I don't recall seeing a name on this, just scripture around the edge. 
Love the tree. 
I'm pretty sure these following stones were actually part of the neighboring St. Lawrence Cemetery.  There was no fence separating them, but you could kind of tell they were apart. 
All the nuns' stones kind of gave it away!
Baby Section.  Even more sad.

I would have liked to explore all the other cemeteries right in that area, but the hours in the heat & humidity were really getting to me and stupid me hadn't taken anything to drink.  As it was, the last half of these pictures were taken from the car.  

Guess that means I have a reason to go back to SC!  We really didn't get a chance to explore the historical areas at all or see any plantations, so....next time!

 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54494-164-6E1F2937D85F5FD3EB8A14DC4819E6EF_zpsg5damrgy.png

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