July 21, 2016


This, my friends, is why those of us who do extensive Halloween displays can't possibly wait until the last minute to work on project.  Epic screwups like the one I did will take more than a couple hours to fix!

So I amassed this selection of cheap foam headstones as filler for the cemetery.  I reinforced them with plywood on their backs and gave them all a nice new look.   These were desperately needed, since I'd noticed last year that it looked more like a skeleton party than cemetery! 

But for some reason, they were not drying as well as I'd like.  They would stick together if touching and pull chunks of foam out of each other.  

Then I realized I needed to DryLok them.  I had a gallon can, but had never used it.  
Until now!
So basically, I had to start all over.  I put 2 good coats on all of these 10, then went and got 5 others out of the shed that could use protection, too. 
I've begun repainting them, but there are heat advisories out for today & tomorrow, so they'll just have to wait to be finished!  I need to keep reminding myself that nobody will get close enough to notice that a line is wavy or a tiny spot was missed.
I had a great supervisor.  He only got a few spatters of DryLok on him.  He was literally laying on my foot as I stood by the makeshift drying rack. 

The hubby and I stopped in the Salvation Army the other day.  I was looking at Christmas knick-knacks and found these 2 little bits of horror! 
He looks like he needs to be holding a VCR or TV or something.  
And this??  The stuff of nightmares.  
I don't want this Santa coming to my house, if that's even Santa!

I've been browsing online.   
 This is too much glitter, even for me!  A 63" skeleton of glitter?  
They had a silver one, too. 

I did make a purchase at At Home the other day.  These were a bit more $$ than I usually like to spend, but they are nice quality and I love their outfits!  Very detailed, down to the glittery spider on her bonnet.  They're about 2 feet tall and can stand on their own.
Crazy, right??  But I will enjoy them a bunch. 

I'm not sure if there are any other projects I want to work on this summer, I have to take it easy for the next couple weeks (Here is the story and Here is today's follow-up post) - this should keep me busy!  

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