Saturday, September 14, 2013

I got my badge!

My blog is now proudly sporting the 2013 Countdown to Halloween badge!  It was tough to choose since they were all based on the Monster cereals.

Anyhoooooooo,  I visited Menard's for the first time yesterday.  It's about a 45 minute drive out of my way, so I won't be making regular visits there.  But I will be going back once more closer to Christmas to score some of gazillions of blowmolds they carry!   (don't tell the family - shhhhhh)

I have a small Nutcracker addiction, so I like (want) these guys, 
and the candles just beyond them. 

I mainly went to check out their skeletons.  I've heard rumors that Walgreens has stopped carrying their $30 version and will only carry the $50 pose & stay.  I don't know for sure - none of the stores around here have started putting stuff out yet.   Anyway, this one was $40 and his arms & legs are wired on.  I will be doing a full comparison with my other full sized skellies once I dig them out of the coffin in the shed (giggle).

People at Menard's were highly entertained, since I pushed around my cart like that as I browsed in the rest of the store.  One guy found it extremely funny and had tears from laughing.  The store employee in the garden section had a good laugh & and old couple walked by & just looked.  She leaned over to me and said that was how she felt while there with her husband.  Lots people did double-takes & smiled.  The cashier commented on how dainty he was sitting, with legs crossed, etc. Heehee!

And going home, safety first! Actually, he's still sitting out there in my car. I'll leave him there for a couple more days. I need to make him lean slightly forward, since he leans back right now and you can't really see him because that part between the door & back window.

I also stopped at Kmart & Big Lots last night  I couldn't believe these hand towels!  How freakin' cool are they???  I got the end zombie one & the JOL one, but I think I want to go back and get the grim reaper & the hand.   They are really nice feeling towels, and the graphics are beautiful!

This guy is pretty neat.  He appears to be 5' tall & has wings.  But for $69.99?

All I got at Big Lots is a headband with a witch hat on it.  A co-worked invited me to a charity Witch Crawl right before Halloween.  We dress up in our witchy-est outfits, start out at one bar, get on a bus, go to 3 others, then head back to the first.  There are games & raffles & contests and 30% of our tab at each bar goes to breast cancer research, so the only thing we ~have~ to do is wear pink somewhere.  My hat has a pink feather on it.  I didn't want to wear a regular sized witch hat, since it'll be crowded on the bus & probably a pain in the butt to maneuver around in.

I am really excited to go!  I've heard this co-worked tell us about going on this for years, so when she asked me, I said yes, even before I found out when it was!  Both my sisters and a niece are going, too! And so far, 2 bus-loads of other people.   funfunfunfun

ooo, and I think I'm going to sign up for a 5K walk/run called the Halloween Hustle!  You get to dress up & there are prizes for different categories.  I don't run, but I regularly easily walk that far, so I will talk the family into going with me & take the dog & have a good time! The t-shirts are pretty cool, too.

Anyway - sheesh, had to kick the furnace on this morning!  It was in the 90s on Wednesday, and today is barely supposed to reach the mid-60s !!  Welcome to Michigan!  The last 2 mornings, our thermometer said 47 degrees outside.  It was 63 degrees in the house when I got up - brrrrr!

Alrighty, I thought about going out to work on re-painting and touching up some headstones, but it's still chilly out there! I would have to unwrap from my shawl & put socks/shoes on!   Guess I could get them out & set them on the patio in the sun to warm up.

I mailed out my Secret Reaper gift yesterday (Friday the 13th!) now where's mine,


  1. You're too funny!! that looks like a very good skelton!! It would be fun to put him in the front seat and drive down the HOV lane here in Atlanta, where you can only drive if there are two people in the car. I'd put a baseball cap on him!!

    1. He's startled me a couple times, since his head it turned just enough that he's staring right at me when I look in the rear-view mirror!

  2. You'll probably need to put a pillow behind him to get him to stay leaned forward so people can see him...or just put him in the passenger seat!

    If I had the ability, I'd put one in my back seat and make it look like he was trying to grab me while I'm driving :)

    1. I would put him in the front seat, but my daughter would throw a hissy if she had to ride in back because of a skeleton! At least he's quiet about it.


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