September 22, 2013

Michigan Renaissance Festival

Happy first day of fall!

We finally made it there today!  We've been meaning to go since we got home from vacation and with only one weekend left......we had to go !  

It was off & on clouds & I don't think it even hit 60* today.  So overall, a nice day!
 A cool old truck witting along the road. 

 Angel getting her henna tattoo.

I am determined to get my family in costume sooner or later. 
So I took lots of pictures for ideas.  
Sorry for the quality, most of the time I was walking. 

 I love this dress!

 One of the living trees. 

 Angel tried to climb Jacob's ladder. 

Interesting color combos. 

 Ded Bob!

 This guy was so funny - he was yelling stuff down at people.  
He saw us following Randy and he was like "that's right - follow the man with the keys!"

 Codpieces are rather disturbing.  

 This couple had the Steampunk thing going.


another living tree. 

 Angel had her caricature done.  It was the one thing she really wanted to do. 

I don't know what exactly I would want to wear.  I need something with a belt or 2 piece, since I have one of the furry tails that I like.  (I wore it tied on my jeans today!) And I have my drinking horn.  Hmm.  
And Randy needs a Utilikilt.  Yup.   

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