April 23, 2013

T is for Tillson St, revisited

 Welcome to Day 20 of the Blogging A-Z April Challenge, 2013!  Each day in April (except Sundays) I will be posting here, and the posts will be in alphabetical order!  This blog is all about my love of Halloween.    I'm not into gore, so don't expect to see a lot of that.  I love exploring cemeteries, so several of those will be featured, as well as props I have made and other ideas I've admired on the Halloween Forum and Haunt Forum and Pinterest.

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I  have posted about this during the Countdown to Halloween in October for the past 2 years and I probably will again this year!

Tillson Street is located in Romeo, MI and every year, this street in this awesome Victorian neighborhood goes bat-shit crazy with decorating for Halloween.  If you click on that link, and on the "info" tab, it'll tell you all about the history of Terror On Tillson and also about the fundraisers they do.

I love going during the day right before Halloween, so I can look at how things are made and set up, then I'll go back with the family (and hordes of other people) to see it at night.

This is from this past year.  I took the dog and we walked down the next street over (Pleasant Street) because they had some houses really decorated, but not as many as on Tillson.

OMG, I want this house!!!

It was an election year, so I can appreciate all the dead (and living) presidents.
 Cool trees!


hmmm.  Looks familiar !!

 Jack wasn't sure about this pirate.

 This is my favorite house.
On the weekend before Halloween there was a group of kids from the local dance studio dressed as zombies dancing out front.  I gave them kudos for dancing on grass and over the brick-edged sidewalk without tripping, but my daughter (also a dancer) critiqued their style - of course!

I confess to thinking this was an amateur radio call sign at first.
I had a geek moment.  There are a lot of W8-- calls in Michigan.

 This guy and one on the other side of the walk were pneumatically
driven to sit up at random.
Jack was intrigued!

 Tombstones for all the local schools' football teams.
The football players direct traffic and such during ToT.
This is the house where they were selling t-shirts for various charity projects including the Wounded Warrior Project.

 I love the skelly just chillin' on the porch.

This is a zombie baby playground.

 This dog has a leg in his mouth and random body parts scattered in front of him.
At night he had a neat soundtrack playing. and it looked much more real.

Can't wait to go back this year!
Most of the displays are the same,  but other change up some.


  1. I tell you there are two things I HAVE to do before I shuffle off this mortal coil. First I have to get a bigger house....not a mansion...not a show of my wealth, but a bigger house to haunt for Halloween. Secondly, I just want to live in a town that really celebrates Halloween like that!

    1. The whole main section of Romeo is Victorian places like this. Awesome! The only issue I have is the extra-tiny yards. Hubby needs room to put up his antennas, sigh. One day when I become independently wealthy, I will buy that first house!


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