April 07, 2013

Bonus post - went shopping!

Since there was no A-Z post today, I'll use this opportunity to show off what I found thrift-shopping yesterday.  Found some Halloween, Easter clearance and Christmas stuff that I'm pleased with.
This clock tower wasn't even out on the shelf yet.  The orange face caught my attention when I walked by a basket of stuff to be stocked (at least I hope that's what it was!!) and since it had a price already on it - MINE!  
The Dr. Pepper bottle is for size reference. 

Here's the back of the tower.

 I've seen this spider pin at a local consignment shop forever.  
I finally gave in & bought it. 
I don't normally wear gold, but it goes so well with the colored stones - that I love.

The consignment store also sells 1 lb bag of miscellaneous jewelry for $7.  I saw some promising items in one.  Including this adorable cat pin.  There were also a couple longer chains that were nice. 

Some other things were bagged right back up and went in our donation box. 

 I tried to give my daughter the diamond(?) pizza slice hair pin, but she wasn't interested.  The heart is a delicate slide pendant with  red-gold rose.  Very pretty!

 This obnoxious thing is probably what took up most of the pound in the bag.  
I used a quarter for size reference. 

 The bunny is so cute, the eggs are solid marble and the little ornaments are perfect for my year-round tree. 

I thought this bunny party scene was really cute.  One bunny's ears are broken off, but that's OK, since the ears were in the bottom of the box.  A drop of glue will take care of that!

I've been looking in stores for wood bows to put on a Christmas present prop I wanted to make.  I never could find one at places like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  But there was one at the Salvation Army!

So how was your weekend?

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