April 23, 2012


Terrarium Mini-Graveyard!!

I saw this on one of the blogs that I follow & thought it was brilliant.

I was wandering through one of the local Salvation Army's and came across this for a whopping $5.99.
The glass panes are held together by a single line of black silicone on the inside of the terrarium and some of it was starting to tear.  So I wrapped a belt around it (the paint bottles are to make it snug) and filled the outer gaps with hot glue.
PSA - when you're using hot glue - please remember that your skin, particularly the delicate skin on the back of your hand, does not like the hot glue.  It's been almost a week and my burn would still make a zombie proud.

I was going to attempt to smooth out the hot glue, but I had the idea to paint it brown & then dry brush black over it so it resembled wood. 

I like how that looks.

I used Sculpey oven bake clay to make some headstones.
Since it IS a terrarium, I got some suitably funky plants from the local nursery and also perused their "miniature gardening" section and found an awesome lantern and what is a graveyard without a shovel??.  If I'd used a different or bigger container, they had a really cool picket fence and a statue that would have been perfect!

"Alternanantera Ficoidea"
"Haworthia Minima"
"Sagina Aurea"  
air plant

Look how tiny these are compared to a regular house key!!

Looking down inside.

I can't with to see what the hubby thinks of it when he gets home!

edit...he likes it!

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