April 21, 2012



I figured I probably freaked enough people out with the snake post, so these will be nice & pretty spiders!

I found this pin on Pinterest so it was my inspiration.  As with just about any project I take on - I had to do some tweaking.  In the inspiration post, they took the leg wires & twisted them around the body wire.  Eh.  I didn't like how big that made the area between & head & body beads.    Sooooo........

 I bent the leg wire in half & added a crimp bead close to the bend to make a loop.

 Here you can see I threaded the head , 4 sets of legs and the body onto a finding.

I think I finally need to accept that the body bead is just too heavy for the legs and make a smaller spider. Which sucks because I really like those big beads! Possibly the front 2 sets of legs are too long, too. 
However, the green one up top worked out pretty nicely.

 I'd much rather have these in my house than the real ones!

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